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Di da da bi bol di-bi-la daou
Just don’t give up on trying to do
what you really want to do
Where there is love and inspiration
bahp bee bih bihp boh boo booh buh
I don’t think you can go wrong
doh doo doot doy ehm lah luhp oo yah
She beep beet beh boh boo zoyt
rihp vaht voy yihp
Who is she
ooee eeoo oh oo oot
The quintessential
rihp woh yoh
Vocal Musician
ool ya koo uh yooh
oop bop sh’bam a klook a mop
Ella Fitzgerald

In diesem Sinne wünscht die Redaktion eine schwungvolle Kulturwoche. //

Scat-Poem: Manfred Horak
Foto: Album-Cover Ella Fitzgerald "100 Songs For A Centennial" (Verve / Universal; 2017)