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the-dead-class-01Nadia Baha bat die Punk Band The Dead Class aus Liverpool zum Interview. Villy, der irische Sänger der Band, sprach mit Nadia Baha über Grundsätze, Erwartungen, Erfolge und Gefahren. Live zu hören am am 4.5. in Wien (7-Stern) und am 5.5. in Linz (Stadtwerkstatt).

You released your debut album "Boo" in 2006 and then an album every two years - "It'll damn near kill you" and "Stick". All three albums are different, but when you listen to them, you always know: It's the Dead Class. What makes your sound so distinct?

Villy (The Dead Class): There are a lot of different styles thrown in the mix when we are writing songs. It ranges from pop, folk to hardcore punk. There is always a level of quirkyness and eccentricity in the music and some people have said I have a distinct voice which may help us stand out from other bands.

Lots of punk bands say they play just for the fun of it and don't care about money and fame. You live to make music. What about success? Do you think 'too much of it' is dangerous?

I don't know if too much of it is dangerous, I've never been in that position (yet). I would like this band to be successful in order to keep touring the world and having fun. I would love to turn more people on to our music so that we can keep doing this for the rest of our lives. My aim in life is to create music to the best of my abilities. If I've got enough money to pay the rent, feed myself and afford a few drinks then I'm happy. A mansion in Malibu wouldn't be bad either but we'll see how realistic that is singing songs such as 'Dirty Dick'.

Did you all fall in love with punk straight away or was it a long way?

I think Jake and Tony were always exposed to punk music growing up but I had no introduction to it until I was about 17. I grew up in a small town in the west of Ireland where there was hardly any original bands playing in the clubs, only cover bands and we had no internet and too broke to buy cds. I got heavily into grunge and hard rock bands until punk music gradually spread through me like an infectious disease and I got possessed with everything associated with the word punk. We all listen to different styles of music but punk bands such as The Ramones, Nomeansno and Vamos have given us a drive to make some of the filthy noises we make.

You are all great musicians. Did anyone of you take lessons or is it all DIY?

Jake is actually trained in piano since he was 5, he plays better piano than bass! Tony picked up the drums himself and I got taught a few chords on guitar and took it from there. You just got to put in a lot of time and hard work to play well. Some would argue about us being accomplished musicians though.

Songs like 'My Machine' are instant classics and people ask you to play them a lot. Are you sick of tired of playing the 'hits' or don't you mind, because you always mix them with new songs anyway?

We get a lot of requests and if we have the time we will try to play them. Its sometimes a bit hard to keep rehearsing old songs but playing them live to new audiences is usually cool.

You just came back from your first US tour. How fantastic was it?

It was a wonderful experience, we toured all over the west coast. Sunshine and Punk Rock. We met so many friendly and enthusiastic people there and hopefully we can get back next year.

Is there a country or city you would love to play?

There are loads of countries we would love to play. Hopefully we will get to tour the east coast of U.S sometime and we would love to try some Asian countries, South America would be amazing as well but that all costs a lot of money. At this moment in time its been fantastic to see a lot of Europe.

You play charity gigs and voice your opinion against injustice. Do you think artists in general have a responsibility to make the world a better place and therefore should use their fame or influence?

No, I actually don't think musicians have a responsibilty to make the world a better place. People in general should tune in more and not rely on musicians and Hollywood stars to point out the injustices and poverty in the world.

Hm, yes, that's a good point. What would you say to punk bands who just want to be cool, don't think about where punk came from and what it stands for?

I think that's perfectly fine as well. We like bands who are intense and put their emotions and views on the line but its also fun just to get pissed, jump about and forget all the bad shit in your lives. You need variety and different styles, if every band sang about the same things it would be boring, well for me personally.

True. What makes you happy? What makes you angry?

Happiness to me is having close friends and family in your life, and music! Too many things make me angry...Lies, deceit, racism, injustices, when the bar closes.

You will play in Austria (Vienna and Linz) in May. What do you associate with Austria in general and Vienna in particular?

Well two people come to mind straight away...Sigmund Freud and The Terminator.

When I do interviews, the bands/artists/musicians can always pick a question themselves. What is your last question?

When will my paycheque arrive for doing this interview? I'm starving!

Thanks so much! The best of luck for the tour. See you very soon in Vienna! Everyone is waiting for you!

(Nadia Baha)

the-dead-class-03Live-Tipps Österreich:
4. Mai 2011, 7Stern, Wien
5. Mai 2011, Stadtwerkstatt, Linz

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